Mongolia in Taiwan
    I participated in Genghis Khan celebration yesterday,why should we celebrate in lunar third 21st?On this day,Genghis Khan had a war with Chin Country ,and he succeed

    This year,they celebrated in GrandHyatt Hotel,all of the Mongolians in Taiwan should comeFirst of all,they prepare some flowers、cup of wine and some fruits on oblation table,and bow three times to Genghis KhanIt was so solemn and impressive

    After that,there were some Mongolians wear traditional dresses,they performed some Mongolian dance and music!When they sang the song,sounds were so loud!I think it was because the Mongolians prairie is vast,when they want to communicate,they should yell!I like their dancing,because they did not shy,they tried to use some actions to tell us about their life

    After whole activities,I meet the poet Shi-Mu-Rong!My mom was so excited,because she just taught the poems Shi-Mu-Rong wrote!

    In this activities,everyone spoke Mongolian in performance,we cannot understand every words,but I have a feeling that I rushed into Mongolians places!
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