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    I just read about chapter twelve. Sherlock Holmes goes back to the Whitechapel, where the murder happened. He sees the crows are looking for something shiny again, so he follows them. After some time, he finds a bracelet, but the crows begin to caw. There are two men who stop and watch at him, but don't follow him. There is another man who looks like a detective, or a police disguised. When Sherlock runs, that man calls himIrene disguises into a man. They meet at the church, and try to observe the bracelet. They find an eye on it. Sherlock is happy, because he is going to find out the answer, and he knows he has a real friend just beside him, Irene.

    This reminds me of three years ago when I went to Egypt. There were five days on the cruise, then we disembarked and visited monuments. One day, there was a market on land,so Mother and I went shopping. There was a shop, the shopkeeper was a Nubian, a ethnic group which lives in North Africa. I bought a bracelet with eight blue eyes, and I thought it was Nubian art. But this year, when I went to Turkey, I found the same things! There were blue eyes everywhere. After the tourist guide gave us an introductionI realized that the blue eye is Medusa's eye. When people see it, they will become stone.The blue eye is use for evil.

    What I think will happen next is that Sherlock will find out what secret hides in these two eyes, and he's going to have an adventure.

Teacher's  Email

Hi Eric,

    Did you have a nice weekend? Go anywhere fun or do anything interesting? This past weekend, a small "secret" was revealed to me. I hope you don't mind, but I discovered that you have a blog and took a look at some of your photos.  Though I can't read any of your Chinese words, I could tell that you and your family do a lot of traveling.  You are one lucky guy! I wish I could travel as often as you.  I think my passport only has stamps from 3 different countries (US, HK, and TW).  I'd love to hear more about your travels sometime! Thank you for sharing your experience in Egypt with me.  It made me laugh.  

    An extra tip for you: "gonna" is not proper English.  We call that "street" talk or "conversation" talk.  However, when it comes to writing, we use "going to" = gonna.  

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