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    I just read about page 131 to 140. Irene wonders why did the crows see the murder happen? Sherlock tells her that the crows walked up and down the alley, on the direct line from the bloodstain to the street. After that, he tries to imagine how the murder happened. The woman has jewelry whole body, it attracted the crows. Then she met that man, finally the murder happened. Sherlock Holmes has a new friend, he's a newsboy, Dupin. He'll keep some newspaper from each, and Sherlock will get some news from him.
    This part of story reminds me of my friends on cruise on Nile river. My first friend is Hassan. Sometimes he kidded me, he was very kind. This company's ice cream is popular, Hassan scooped me two balls of ice cream many times. He's omnipresent. I can see him at the boarding gate, giving wet towels to everyone for cleaning hands; I can see him on the bar,  serves the customers who want wine or cookies; I can see him at computer room, take caring of many children from Alexandria; I can see him hosting a show! My second friend is Haman, he is a cook. When I go from his direction, he'll cook two eggs for me. My third friend is another waiter, I forgot his name. One day, he specially made a glass of strawberry juice for me, there were many strawberry granules in it!

    Dupin has good memory, this remind me last Tuesday, there was a piano concert, a thirteen-year-old girl's concert in National Concert Hall. Two hours of performance, She didn't have any mistake, and played it all in her memory! 

    What I think it will happen next is that he'll still back to the murder scene, and try to get help from the crows, understand what do they saw.

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